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    There are lots of ways to support us!

    Currently, the best way to support us AND get access to cool stuff is to:

    If you don't want to sign up to support us on a monthly basis, but you still want to help us out monetarily, we have other options! You can make a one-time contribution through


    Or if you would like to be a little more in control of exactly what your money is going towards, check out

    That thing is FULL of items that will assist with our live shows, videos, podcasts, etc.!

    If you want to help, but you just can't afford to pitch in with cash, that's okay, too! There are lots of things you can do that are INCREDIBLY helpful for us. Here are a few ideas:

    Like/Comment/Share/Retweet our posts
    Tell your friends about us
    Got a skill? Email us! We are always looking for help