Our friend “Luna Teague” (spoiler alert: it’s just Rissy’s dumb pen name) has teamed up with Ivery Kirk to create an erotic novel series about two former sorority girls traveling through time to bone down with various historical celebs. It’s nerdy, sexy, and hilarious.

The first book, One Does Not Simply Walk Into Tudor, is available now on Amazon. “Luna” and Ivery are hoping to release book two by this upcoming holiday season.


TimeBangers on Amazon!


The Troubadorks


Jeff got tired of the girls ignoring him whenever he started talking about Windows, wrestling, or… other things that start with a “w,” so he replaced their asses with Gabe and Chris, and they started a podcast.

The Troubadorks were born! They post a new episode every 2 weeks that covers anything from tech to gaming, wrestling to food!


The Troubadorks on Soundcloud


Blythe Renay


Blythe always has a lot of different irons in a lot of different fires. She models regularly for Katrin Auch Photography, who takes the images from their shoots and makes amazing art. Blythe also loves to collaborate on music (which sometimes ends up on the Dr. Demento Show), animation, sketch videos, etc.

There is always something different going on, and updates are regularly posted to her Facebook.


Blythe’s Facebook Page




By day, Amanda is a mild-mannered scientist. But by night… Well, she’s still a scientist, but she also finds time to express her more creative side. Currently that includes crafting art pieces made from cut paper, though she also dabbles in a little needlework from time to time. New pieces are posted to her instagram.



Amanda’s Instagram