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Blythe Renay is the Ring Master in the Damsels of Dorkington hierarchy. This IS her circus. These ARE her monkeys.

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I wasn’t going to post a blog today. We were going to put the blog on hiatus so that we could focus on our upcoming conventions. We are still going to do that, but not just yet. Because today I found out that Richard Hatch died. And I have a […]

Nothing but the Rain

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I recently visited a nerd bar in a northern suburb of Dallas, so I want to talk about the freshly opened Nerdvana Spirits. They technically haven’t had their grand opening yet, but they are up and fully functioning! If you’re not in the area, don’t worry!  Keep reading for suggestions of other places that one or […]

Nerd Review Revue: Nerdvana

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UPDATE: Congratulations to Jeff P. and Susan B. who are the winners of our Rafflecopter giveaway!! Look out for more giveaways soon! It’s time! And I’m SUPER excited about this one, you guys. We’re doing a giveaway AND a video review. So hold on to your butts, and let’s goooooooo! […]

Nerd Review Revue: Zippered Pouches

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Normally I review products, but today I’m not going to do that. Largely because I’ve just been too goddamn busy to put that together. Sorry about that, you guys. My musical opened last weekend, and now I will have much more time to devote to this group, the website, and […]

Dating Advice: We Make Time

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For this installment of the Nerd Review Revue, I’m going to discuss one of my favorite nerd apparel companies, Her Universe. Also, this article is full of pictures of me wearing stuff I bought from them. So if you’re into that, keep scrolling! I discovered Her Universe a couple of […]

Nerd Review Revue: Her Universe

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Alright, my little dorklings, it’s finally my turn to step up to the blog podium and talk about stuff. Don’t worry, I didn’t prepare a Power Point presentation or anything. And I probably never will, because let’s be honest, I’m way too lazy for that shit (says the girl who […]

Nerd Review Revue: Voz Jewelry

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Welp, we finally did it. It took a lot of time, effort, and the support of our fans (Also, Bryan. I swear I wouldn’t get half of the things done without his help. He’s been our unofficial 5th Damsel from day one.), but we finally launched! So let’s talk […]

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