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    Let us put the "KHAAAAAAAAN" in your convention with a high energy scripted comedy performance! All of our shows are filled with geek references of all kinds, sure to delight any nerdling, no matter what their preferred fandom. All of our scripted shows also include lots of audience participation to give your attendees a totally unforgettable entertainment experience. Most of our shows are rated "M for Mature," but we can accomodate more family-friendly venues if absolutely necessary

    Current Shows:

    Stars War Episode 7 ¾: The Force Embiggens

    Sure, Ep VII was okay, but imagine how great it could have been if George Lucas had written it- crammed full of CGI extras, bad romance, badder dialogue, death by heartbreak, and genuine Mary Sues!

    Endgame of Thrones

    Want to know how "Game of Thrones" is going to end? We have obtained an unreleased copy of the ending to this beloved series. But what happens when other fantasy authors want in on the action?

    MacBleep: The Scottish Musical

    the Damsels are tasked with rehabbing Shakespeare’s most violent play- as a family-friendly musical! Can they defeat the forces of censorship and still avoid jail time?



    Every week Amanda and Blythe get together to talk about Damsel news as well as the latest in nerd-dom. Jeff puts together the "news" and Rissy writes in about poop. And other stuff. (Probably)