The Group


The Damsels of Dorkington are here to usher in a new era of Dork Pride. They are three nerdalicious ladies and one dude in a dress who have come to bring you Nerdcore Improv: a blend of raucous comedy, music and geekery guaranteed to make you laugh, cry or vomit. Perhaps all three.

What is Dork Pride?

Dork Pride is rolling up a badass RPG character with no need to min/max, sitting in line with your friends to get the perfect seats in the movie theater, crafting a screen accurate Mjolnir replica for your con costume, singing show tunes in the shower or firing up that new game as soon as you get home from the midnight launch – and loving every minute of it.

Dorkington is a place where geek is the cool, nerd is chic and all are welcome.

Let your Dork Flag fly and join us in a true celebration of all the things that make us what we are – prepare for thy face to be most mightily rocked!


Rissy has been creating geeky weirdness for fun and profit ever since she was 15 and rolled a natural 20 in her first ever game of Palladium FRP. After that came writing Highlander fanfic, which explains the awesome material she writes for the Damsels, including shows, parodies and original songs. Now that she’s a Real Grown-Up and studying Molecular Biosciences at the University of Kansas, she’s moved on to more mature pursuits, like poop jokes and reading China Mieville, H.P. Lovecraft, the “R.R.s” and James Branch Cabell. She makes hers Marvel, unless it’s DC Vertigo. When she’s not listening to Weird Al or working in a genetics lab she can be found inhaling every form of useless trivia known to men and elves. Maybe even to Tarrasques.


Blythe came out of the womb singing and dancing, and hasn’t stopped since. In her teen years, she found herself in Sailor Moon chat rooms, which opened the door to a delightfully dorky world. Soon, she was teaching herself HTML so that she could create her own websites, and now codes tables in her sleep. In the past couple of years she has developed a dirty xbox habit that includes (but is not limited to) Halo, Borderlands, Portal, and the Sims. When she’s not prepping for another video game hit she is often found reading The Sixth Gun, watching Battlestar Galactica, or editing the Damsel videos. She would like to thank James Tiberius Kirk, River Tam, and Stephen Sondheim for the support and inspiration they have provided her over the years.


A “Dork of All Trades”, Jeff has been proudly waving his Dork Flag nearly 3 decades. His first love was Pac-Man at the age of 4, which became a fervent adoration for video games since the days of the Atari 2600. Before the age of 10 he had developed a love for comics (first comic: Gotham by Gaslight) as well as the pop culture, music, movies and cartoons that ruled his day. During high school, he discovered the table top RPGs, fantasy and technology that would keep him squarely sequestered in his room for years to come. Finding theatre at that time, he sought to rise to the levels of talent that he saw on both the big and small screens, all the while learning that the key to performance was just not taking yourself too seriously. Obtaining a degree in communication rounded out his rougher edges and allowed him to take all the hobbies that had made up his life to the next level, by becoming the advocate for nerdiness you see today. These days, he can be found on Xbox LIVE and social networking sites, attempting to harness the godlike powers of teh intarnetz and bend them to his will.


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