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The Damsels of Dorkington love to travel and perform at conventions both large and small. To make that happen, we need your help! Whether you can offer time, money, or applause, we’ll be grateful for any contribution!

Monetary Support

We love to travel to conventions both large and small, but many of them can not afford to help us out with those costs.

Your monetary support will go to a variety of things including:

We appreciate any amount you feel inclined to offer, and would like to express our gratitude. To do that, we offer something in return for each donation.

Any amount of monetary support will be listed on our website as a “Supporter”.
$75 or more will earn you a reserved front row seat at a show of your choice (plus all the love / abuse that comes with it!)
$150 or more will receive a framed, signed photo of all The Damsels.
$200 or more will earn you a free dinner with all four members of The Damsels of Dorkington next time we’re near your city.


If you can’t offer money, but still want to help, there are a multitude of things you can do that are just as important, if not more so!

Talk to your friends!
Post up our videos and tell your friends to check us out, and follow us on youtube, twitter, or facebook. The more supporters we have, the more conventions are going to be willing to book us!

Tell the people running your conventions!
You make our job easier when the people in charge realize there is a demand for us. Let them know what you think!

Any ideas that you have for us are welcomed. Email us at and we’d love to hear your suggestions.



Alex Camacho
All-Con Dallas
Amanda Eisenberg
Andreas Welch
Andrew Murray
Andy Dopieralski
Andy Scharf
Anthony Esquivel
Avi Blackmore
Beau M. K. Prichard
Bob Gilgan
Brad Maggard
Brett “Betty” Carel
Brett Love
Brittany Busch
C. Patrick Neagle
Charles Piner
Christopher R. Souser
Clay Mabbitt
Corey Christian Scott
Dale C. McCoy, Jr
Dan Amrich
Dan LaHann
Daniel Moore
Daniel W. Crowley
Daniel Winterhalter
Danny Brennan
Declan Hubbell
Douglas Sharpe
Elliott and Robin
Eric Shackelford
Erik Ruggles
Geoffrey Voss
Gregor Hutton
Isaiah McColgan
Jack T.
James Blieden
Jamieson Paul Logan Glendinning
Jason Cockrell
Jason Sanchez
JD DeMotte x 2!
Jeffrey Baker
Jeremy McTyre x 2!
Jess Nash
Jessica Collins
John K
John Lach
John Robinson
Josh Casey
Joshua Ogle
Julian Owens jr.
Kain Thornn
Karen DeGuire
Katrin Auch
Keith Baker
Keith Rivera
Kevin Collier
Kirstin Q. Eschberger
Kristjan Wager
Kyle Dawson
Lancelot Z
Lauren Ajamie
Louis Srygley
Manda Morrison (Ddraigeneth)
Mark Albright
Martin Schlemmer
Matt Doden (Super cool awesome guy action team go!)
Matt LaDue x 2!
Matt Shivers
Melodee G.
Michael Zhou
Michelle Stoots
Myles Braithwaite
Neight Allen
Neil Gardiner
Nick Maro
Pantless Steve
Peter Giffin
Rare Bishop
Richard Harlan
Richard Hendricks
Rick Penney
Rob Hultkrantz
Robert Gilgan
Ryan DeLaRosa
Ryan C
Russ Matthews
Sage Ross
SB McCarter
Shawn Davis
Simon K. Tatom
Stanley Slater
Steve Baker
Steven V Savage
Tino Mendoza
Tony Travis
Tony Witherspoon
Vinnie S.
Wayne THAG Walls
Wendee & Travis
William Spriggs

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