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Let us put the “KHAAAAN” in your “Convention” with our high energy improv comedy or panel! The Damsels are a versatile bunch, as we offer multiple forms of comedy or question answering for any dork-centric event. We’ll entertain your attendees and even get them involved in our act! Our shows are usually rated “M for Mature,” but we’ve been known to do a family friendly version of pretty much every show we offer:


Damsel Panel

As life-long dorks who’ve been traveling to conventions all over the country, we have lots of stories to tell!  Attend a panel with 100% disclosure in which we swear to honestly answer any question you ask. We may even have a guest moderator, just crack the whip and force us to give up the secrets.


Le Dorke d’Arthur: The Humpening

Join us as we tell the untold story of King Arthur, and his Knights of Camelot.  This is a tale unlike any you have ever seen, as the ladies (and Jeff) set history as straight they can (trust us, there is a pun in there).  This Long-Form Improv show will have you second guessing everything you’ve ever read about the Round Table, and is guaranteed to keep Sir Thomas Mallory rolling in his grave for centuries to come!


Comic Book Comedy

Have you ever wanted to have 3 ladies and 1 bald dude do anything you tell them to do?  You are in luck, as the Damsels of Dorkington bring you an hour of improvisation led by the best storytellers in the business… YOU! Join us as we allow the audience to mold and steer the story line, creating random characters and generally making fools out of your favorite Dorkington members.  Whether you “Make Yours Marvel” or are a die hard follower of Detective Comics Comics, you will feel like the Top Cow betting on a Dark Horse while still maintaining a healthy self Image.  See what we did there?  You’re welcome.


Dork Pride Pandemonium

It’s the Damsels in concert!  We sing, we dance (mostly badly), and we involve the audience!  With a wide selection of songs inlcuding both hilarious parodies of pop tunes and original numbers, our comedy concert is fit for any occasion. Hits such as “I Kissed a Nerd,” by Blythe and Rissy have been featured on Dr. Demento’s Top Ten List!


Shakespeare Double-Oh-Duh

Guaranteed to be the best “education” in the Bard’s works you’ve ever seen! Tomfoolery, skullduggery, maybe even teabaggery abound in every show, plus naughty musical numbers and enough wacky onstage antics to choke a Sarlacc. If you’re at least 17 years of age, come watch the Damsels and their cross-dressing dude shake their pom poms and rah-rah all over their gaga ooh la la la, by which we mean perform three action-spectacular, risque romps through the works of William Shakespeare.

More shows are in the works!

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