Jan 242013

We know it’s a little late, but we’re finally releasing our Limited Edition 2013 calendar! We’ve only ordered 25 copies of the calendar, so the run is EXTREMELY limited. If demand is outrageous, we may consider ordering another 25, but it’s VERY unlikely!

The calendars are $25 with a $5 shipping fee. We’re also offering additional options to order a calendar plus one 8×10 of your choice ($40) or a calendar plus two 8×10’s of your choice ($45). If you choose to order a calendar with an 8×10, there will be a text box during checkout to let us know which image you would like to receive. The following are your options (yes, July is missing on purpose…) :

January – 5 Damsels
February – Josie and the Pussycats
March – Star Trek
April – Street Fighter
May – Mad Men
June – Ren Fest
August – Batman
September – School Nerds
October – Ghostbusters
November – Left 4 Dead
December – Family Holiday


Please contact us with any questions!

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