Mar 152012

We’ve launched a Kickstarter, and we need your help to make it a success!

Be sure to take a look at the video, and please consider donating and/or passing the link on to others who might!

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Feb 202012

We’re back from VisionCon, which went smashingly! We debuted our brand new, ALL improv show Le Dorke d’Arthur: The Humpening and received really great feedback. Thank you to everyone who watched, contributed, or got on stage. It wouldn’t have gone as well as it did without every single one of you!

Our amazing video team is currently working on footage we shot a week ago, which we should have more information about soon! So keep an eye here, on Facebook, or Twitter to see the final results.

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Jan 282012

The Damsels of Dorkington are here to cheer on a new era of Dork Pride. They are three nerdalicious ladies and one dude in a dress who have come to bring you Nerdcore Improv: a blend of raucous comedy, music and geekery guaranteed to make you laugh, cry or vomit. Perhaps all three.

What is Dork Pride?

Dork Pride is rolling up a badass RPG character with no need to min/max, sitting in line with your friends to get the perfect seats in the movie theater, crafting a screen accurate Mjolnir replica for your con costume, singing show tunes in the shower or firing up that new game as soon as you get home from the midnight launch – and loving every minute of it.

Dorkington is a place where geek is the cool, nerd is chic and all are welcome.

Let your Dork Flag fly and join us in a true celebration of all the things that make us what we are – prepare for thy face to be most mightily rocked!

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Jan 272012

We’re officially opening our brand new Printfection store! It allows us to offer you many more options in both design and product variety. Check it out, and if there is anything you’d like to see us add to the store, let us know!

Offering merchandise for all dorks, nerds, and geeks. Let your dork flag fly with Dork Pride
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